La Graciosa, the island without roads, yet reachable

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La Graciosa, the island without roads, yet reachable

La Graciosa island is quiet, nestled in the Chinijo Archipelago, north of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, still untouched by tourism, bet it’s hard to find an island like that.

La Graciosa is rather unique because it has no tarmac roads, is a flat island with all white and placid houses and guess what? Only around 500 people stay on the island and beaches are to die for, because they are empty, that means you have the beach for yourselves!!!!

Coming back to the golden sandy beaches caressing the turquoise blue waters of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean tropical waters, the beaches are clean and is a great place for anyone who admire some quiet, nature and beauty, especially the shades of blue, golden and brown of the waters, beach sand and the mountains, giving you a memorable experience of La Graciosa Holidays.

Coming as far as Lanzarote and not going to La Graciosa island is simply not done. Visiting La Graciosa in a day is easier and gives you a feeling of having a fantastic La Graciosa Holiday along with a great Lanzarote Holiday.

How to get to La Graciosa?

La Graciosa Ferry:

La Graciosa Ferry is an express ferry serviced by renowned ferry company Lineas Romero, taking you to Caleta de Sebo on La Graciosa island in just 25 minutes from Orzola, Lanzarote. For just €20.00 pp and Child: €10.00 pp, with a choice of ferry times, you can be completely flexible and independent, giving you plenty of time to laze on the beaches or go scuba diving or just relax in one of the many restaurants and then take the ferry back to Lanzarote at your convenience.

La Graciosa on a Catamaran:

For those who love luxury, exploring La Graciosa through well managed and planned excursions on a day trip like La Graciosa on a catamaran is simply unmachable. Now picture this, sailing on board a three storey glass bottomed Catamaran, with snacks, lunch and drinks when you leave Lanzarote and arrive in La Graciosa for a visit to the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church or you could just stroll around on your own and have an hour for yourself. Board the Catamaran and get dropped at the bay of Playa Francesa where you could go swimming or Snorkelling or have fun on the inflatable mats or swim or go by a small boat to the beautiful sandy Francesa beach.

Discover La Graciosa on a Boat:

Discover La Graciosa on a boat, another fantastic way to explore the hidden gem. Visit the pretty fishing village of Caleta de Cebo, admire the islets of the "Archipelago Chinijo" on an ocean tour and go swimming, snorkelling and more on the Francesa beach, in time for a delicious Paella lunch back on the boat. Get a close look at how Canarian people live.

How to get around La Graciosa?

La Graciosa is one such island without pollution, hence you can go around the island on foot or hire a bike to enjoy the larger parts of the island. Apart from Caleta de Sebo, Pedro Barba is another small residential colony, now an exclusive vacation resort for the privileged. The beaches of Playa Francesa, Playa de La Cocina and Montaña Amarilla can be walked to, whereas the beach of Playa de Las Conchas can be reached by a hired bike, or can take a ferry run by Lineas Romero. You can also go scuba diving in the marine reserve waters around La Graciosa with a diving school or surfing with a dive school on the reef between Playa Francesa and Playa de La Cocina, where the locals head to.

Book your visit to La Graciosa Now

Great way to experience La Graciosa Holidays is by securing your place on the excursions with our partners Excursions Lanzarote so that you do not miss out on discovering the amazing La Graciosa Island when you visit Lanzarote. Have a simply phenomenal day trip to La Graciosa which is incomplete without your camera, swimwear, lots of sunblock and advance booking!!