Timanfaya National Park - Timanfaya Lanzarote Grand Tour

Timanfaya Lanzarote Grand Tour

€75.00 Adult
€49.00 Child
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Timanfaya National Park - Lanzarote Volcano South Tour

Lanzarote Volcano South Tour

€53.00 Adult
€43.00 Child
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Timanfaya National Park - Lanzarote Volcano  Short South tour

Lanzarote Volcano Short South tour

€45.00 Adult
€39.00 Child
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Timanfaya National Park - Lanzarote Tour Highlights

Lanzarote Tour Highlights

€89.00 Adult
€55.00 Child
Timanfaya National Park - Twizzy Lanzarote Electric Cars Tour

Twizzy Lanzarote Electric Cars Tour

€93.00 Driver
€33.00 Passenger

Timanfaya National Park Lanzarote Volcano

Timanfaya National Park is the biggest attraction in Lanzarote and is a must-see, people from all across the world flock to marvel in the live Lanzarote volcano and see and feel the intense heat. There is so much to see and do in Timanfaya National Park and so many different ways to visit the most popular Lanzarote attraction. Be aware that if you have a hire car in peak season just getting into the Timanfaya National Park can take hours as everyone wants to see the live Lanzarote volcano so a tour is always the best option.

What are the best ways to see Timanfaya National Park?

Timanfaya National Park tour

You will hear us say this a lot but it's one of the things that people always regret if they have a hire car and head to Timanfaya National Park. In a nutshell, if you have a hire car you will be waiting hours to get into the park while all the Timanfaya tour buses pass you and get instant entrance. The reason for this is the sheer volume of people in cars seeking Timanafaya entrance tickets only. Whilst this may save you a few euros the hassle of waiting in a hot car, burning petrol to keep the airconditioning on and increasing your carbon footprint is just not worth it. With a Timanfaya National Park tour, you will have a guide in your language, be sat on a comfortable fully air-conditioned coach and get straight into Timanfaya park with now waiting around. Everything is organised for you so you can see the Lanzarote volcanoes. 

Timanfaya National Park entrance ticket prices

The last time we looked at the price to get into Timanfaya National Park was €12 for adults and €6 for children. With the Lanzarote volcanoes short south tour priced at €27 for adults and €16 for kids the difference in price is minimal for the time you will spend waiting, the hassle you will have going direct and the fact that on the short south tour you also get a guide who will inform you about all the important things you need to know about the Timanfaya park, you will get to see El Golfo, visit the Lanzarote Camels and be picked up and dropped off at or near your accommodation so doing a Timanfaya National Park tour is certainly your best option.

Timanfaya National Park Grand Tour

The Timanfaya Lanzarote Grand Tour is the best way to visit Timanfaya National park and the rest of the island including the North where you will experience Jameos Del Agua, Haria and the wine regions and much more. On the Grand tour, you get a full day to explore the island and it is ideal for those people that want to see all of Lanzarote in one day but most of all want to see and experience the Timanfaya National park. This Gran tour will include 

Entrance to Timanfaya National Park 
The Lanzarote volcanoes demonstrations and Luna Route tour
Stop at the Lanzarote camels for an optional ride around Timanfaya park
Los Hevideros the bubbling coastline 
El Golfo the famous emerald lake
Lunch stop in a lovely village
La Geria wine regions and wine tasting
The North of the island Haria and the valley of 1000s palms

A visit to Jameos Del Agua

All entrances to Timanfaya National park and Jameos Del Agua are included in the price and you get a guide in your language who knows everything there is to know about the island of Lanzarote. If there is one Timanfaya tour we recommend the most and is the most popular it is the Timanfaya Lanzarote Grand Tour.

Timanfaya South and Short South tours

If you don't want to see the North of the island and prefer to focus your sightseeing in Lanzarote to the south then there are two options for you. The Lanzarote Volcano South tour is a full day exploring the south of the island including of course the Timanfaya Lanzarote park. For those that want a fast Lanzarote tour that is just half a day and will have back around the pool by lunchtime then we recommend the Lanzarote volcanoes short south tourtaking in the Timanfaya National Park, El Golfo and the Lanzarote camels so just the best parts in a few hours.

Half Day Timanfaya Lanzarote tour

If you don't want to spend a whole day of your holiday on a tour then the Timanfaya Lanzarote Short South Lanzarote tour is for you.

Visit the Timanfaya National Park
See the Lanzarote Volcano demonstations
Go on the Timanfaya Luna route tour
Check out El Golfo the Emerald lake 
Stop at the Lanzarote camels for a camel ride around Timanfaya

Back for lunch and pool time after an amazing day out with your guided tour of Lanzarote and Timanfaya. 

Timanfaya park and just the south

If you want to experience the South of Lanzarote including Fire Mountain, El Golfo, Los Heveideros and other Lanzarote attractions in the South, with a stop for lunch then Lanzarote Volcano South Tour is a great option for you.

Visit the Timanfaya National Park
See the Lanzarote Volcano demonstations
Go on the Timanfaya Luna route tour
Check out El Golfo the Emerald lake
See Los Hevideros the bubbling coast of Lanzarote
Views of the Lanzarote Salt pans where they produce sea salt
Stop at the Lanzarote camels for a camel ride around Timanfaya
Stop for lunch in a Lanzarote village
Visit the bodegas in La Geria Lanzarote wine regions
Have more time to explore Timanfaya and the Lanzarote attractions

This is a real opportunity the see and experience Timanfaya National Park and the whole south of Lanzarote.

Timanfaya Lanzarote Park camel ride

On most Timanfaya tours there is a stop at the Lanzarote camels where you can see the Lanzarote volcanoes from the back of a camel and go on a short optional ride around the base of Timanfaya park. The camels are priced at around €12 per camel and take two people at a time. They work in shifts and live and kept very well by the locals in the village of Uga, at around 2pm every day you can see the camels change shifts as they walk from Uga to Timanfaya.

Lanzarote Timanfaya Park facts and information

Timanfaya National parks cover a quarter of the Lanzarote island, Timanfaya was created over around 6 years of volcanic eruptions which were constant on the island between 1730 and 1736. There was a smaller eruption in 1824 also. There were around 2,000,000,000m of lava that covered Lanzarote from the 100 different volcanos.

Nobody was recorded to have died from the eruptions but a lot of the land and livestock was ruined so many emigrated to other parts of the world.

Timanfaya National Park has played a significant role in preparing for the Nasa Mars landing, so much so that the first place Nasa touched down in Lanzarote they have named Timanfaya so if you want to say you know what Mars looks like then just go to Timanfaya in Lanzarote. 

Islote de Hilario (The heart of Timanfaya Lanzarote Park)

On all of the Timanfaya National park tours, you will visit the Montanas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) The centre at Islote de Hilario will show you the live volcano, let you see the geothermal demonstrations and take a luna route around Timanfaya National Park.

How to book your Timanfaya National Park tours

Its really simple just decide on what sort of a day you want, a full day exploring all of the island, a half-day exploring the South of the island or a short trip just to see the best parts. All of the Timanfaya National Park excursions include entrance price to Timanfaya park, pick up and drop off at or close to your accommodation, a guide in your language and all in all a very memorable day out in Lanzarote.

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